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Configuration Management with Salt Stack on Windows - Part 3 - Basic Configuration Management of Windows with Salt

In part 3 we're going to just scratch the surface of remote execution in Salt. We're going to accept the keys for the master server and  run basic tasks using the built in modules. The minion automatically tries to contact the Master server. The master server must approve the minions "keys" before it can be managed. On the master server you can view the keys by using the command sudo salt-key -L As you can see we need to accept the "keys" You can accept the key by using the command sudo salt-key -a WIN-R7RQM4ENMHS If you use the parameter -A instead you can accept all keys. To test that the minion is checking in you can use the following commands. sudo salt '*' All modules can be found in the documentation: Looking back at the tasks we want to accomplish, we can now accomplish these tasks with salt commands. IIS configuration Regi