Configuration Management with Salt Stack on Windows - Part 0

This is the first foray into Configuration Management on Windows with Salt Stack.

With Configuration management on Windows, I feel as the more I am getting ramped up on working with a development team, the more I understand the need for measurable, consistent and scripted changes. I am looking for the following things:

  • Centralized management over the public Internet
  • Reasonable cost per machine OR the ability to use the community / free edition for my tasks.
  • Ability to work well with Windows
    • IIS configuration
    • Registry / File & User management
    • Patch status evaluation and configuration
    • Low agent footprint.

I stumbled upon SaltStack after a co-worker recommended it. I had a hard time finding specific information related to my use case, but I dug into watching the following presentation.

I'll be honest, after watching, I was completely lost - but it seemed like I was on the right path, so I thought I'd dig in.

With the following series, I'll be digging into a much easier and approachable use case:
  • Part 1 - Installing Salt Stack Server with Vagrant
  • Part 2 - Configuring Salt Stack Minion with Vagrant
  • Part 3 - Configuration Management of Windows with Salt.
  • Part 4 - Practical configuration management with Salt.


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