How to update Expired VSTS Service Principal Keys in AzureRM portal

If the service principal expires you may need to update the expiration by creating a new key. 

In Visual Studio Team Services, the following error may be logged if the Service Principal key is expired:
Failed to check the resource group status. Error: Could not fetch access token for azure. Status code: 401, status message: Unauthorized.

To fix, we can create a new key:
Login to the Azure portal:

Select Azure Active Directory
Select App Registrations from the sidebar

Search for the Service Principal Client ID – that has expired


Select the Application after searching.
Select “Keys”
Create a new password you can enter anything as the description – set the duration to never expire.
Click save and copy the value shown under “value”.

In VSTS select Services under project
Select "Update Service Configuration" and enter the new key.


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